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Staping is a new name of Lookeey, and the Trademark product of Nextsearch Inc. and Lookeeyusa Inc.

CBIR Image Search Engine Technology (Content Based Image Retrieval)

This CBIR Image Search Engine use dominant color and angular radial transform (ART) with MPEG-7 for search similar images and index in the online shopping mall or web site. This Search Engine extracts the main color of the image, the information of the product shape from the enquiry image. At first, one request a enquiry image, the search engine remove the back ground color and set up ROI (region of interest) and show the best similar image after compare the similar images with dominant color and ART in database.

The key point of this technology

The key point of this technology is about a supplementing method for QBE (Query by Example) and QBS (Query by sketch) which exist typical query methods for content-based search. The subject technology enhances the convenience of content-based search by partitioning simplified rough sketch of input image into regional units in absence of desired query image and just clicking on it to obtain a modified query image

The subject technology

The subject technology belongs to the market for search engine solutions in other IT service industry. The search engine solution market is largely divided into web and mobile search market. Application fields of multi-media search include internet multi-media search, search engine for company use and e-commerce and also can expand to social networking service, security, digital archiving search and copyright management.

Search by take a photo

Simply take a picture of any object and we use mobile visual search technology to tell you what it is. It provides fast, accurate results with no typing necessary.

Image upload search

You can simply upload an image and find exact product match and purchase the entire look.

Style choice search

You can simply choose a style of your choice and get the similar products according to customer requirement.

Flawless Experience

offers customers a flawless experience just by snapping or scanning anything around them and provide immediate exact match or similar results.