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"I CAN" is more Important than IQ

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work. The story of Lookeey is a live example of where innovation in technology takes people to the world of Visual Discovery. With billions of users addicted to 'Lookeey' style of image search, it is worthwhile to explore what went behind making this phenomenon happen.

Founding of Lookeey

Nextsearch, Inc. established in 2007, specializes in Visual Shopping Search and Image search engine development. We are the first in Korea to serve visual search to shopping mall, the service name is + Key). uses Image Search Engine based on CBIR (Contents Based Image Retrieval). Users search through pictures of products, including handbags, shoes and watches, to find what they want to buy.

Main attraction of Lookeey

Lookeey is the first CBIR Image search engine and online Image search shopping open market in Korea.

User can search similar product in shopping mall or upload image from PC, and can search likeness images.

User also can take a picture and search by color and style with one stop mobile shopping in smart phone or web site.

Similar products search by style, color, pattern.

Easy search, Simply search.

We've seen visual search now undoubtedly reach that point of critical mass where almost every major retailer is looking to integrate the technology into their ecommerce apps and offer that anytime, anywhere, seamless 'Snap-to-buy' experience to their customers. So we started talking about building an app where people would have their visual search app at hands.

Finally in the september of 2016, after months of beta testing, Lookeey app (Rookie) launched in the app store for Android users.

Launch of LOOKEEY App

Lookeey is a new mobile visual search app released for Android OS in september, 2016. In october 2016, Lookeey released a new version of the app with minor bug fixes.

Using Lookeey one can shop fashion clothing, bags, shoes, sunglasses, watches, accessories, etc. in the style I'm looking for photos, recognize images, shapes, colors, search for items in a pattern, and connects instantly shop. Discover a whole new world through your phone's camera by 'snapping' everyday objects, products or images to unlock amazing experiences.