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One copy setting of image search engine in client server with product data & image upload tool.

Shown below is the Pricing table with 15 days trial period, no credit card required.



Quarterly advance payment

can perform 10,000 transactions

Server setting duration-one month

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Quarterly advance payment

can perform 25,000 transactions

Server setting duration-one month

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Onetime payment

can perform unlimited transactions

Server setting duration-one month

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*Implementation costs apply

Let's get those questions off your mind

What do I get in the 15 day free trial?

It's simple really - you can access all the features in the basic plan, and if you face a problem, have a question, or simply want to talk, we are always there - via email.

What if my usage goes above my subscription plan limit?

You'll be notified when that happens. You can choose to upgrade or change your plan if that works for you. Otherwise, we will contact you and discuss the possible options to meet your business goals.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit cards for online payment. If you’d like to pay through offline, please get in touch with us.

Is my data safe?

We take data security very seriously. All customer data is securely stored in database, and the network design ensures no unauthorized access.

Who owns my data?

You, of course. It's your data after all. We want you to use Nextsearch, because you love using it, not because we have held your data "hostage". You can export all your lead data, email campaign reports from Nextsearch whenever you want.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

You have the privileage to upgrade anytime. For downgrade, you need to complete the subscription period.

I am an agency. Do you have any special plans for us?

Yes, we have multiple agency partners. If you would like to partner with us, please write to partners [at] Nextsearch [dot] kr.

Can I use my own domain name for hosting landing pages?

Ofcourse, You can create landing pages with your domain name Ex: